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TDG chooses the best fabrics to guarantee quality and durability of the leotards. To ensure that your garments remain in "like new" condition, please take note of the care tips and practices to avoid.




This very trendy technique requires special attention.
Repetition, velcro and any rough surface can sometimes cause pilling (even when first worn).

Back and bottom parts of the leotard are more prone to this reaction. However, due to the nature of sublimated fabrics this is a problem we cannot avoid.
Terre de gymnaste will not be held responsible for these types of damage
the request for repair and replacement will be charged to the customer.
Powdered fabrics, holograms and mesh are delicate fabrics that require special care.
They can sometimes discolour with repeated or incorrect washing,
These fabrics are sensitive to perspiration, deodorants, hair sprays, frictional contact and other factors beyond our control.
Colour transfer or fading can occur when wet garments are left in their bags.

Leotards with a combination of light and dark colours
light and dark colours may show colour transfer to the lighter colour.
colour. This is a common effect of the fabric, which can be minimized with proper washing and care.

Terre de Gymnaste takes no responsibility for the care of the leotards.
does not guarantee any garment that is not cared for according to the instructions.
Returns of dirty garments or have not been cared for according to our instructions will be refused.
Returns of dirty garments or garments that have not been cared for in accordance with our advice will be refused. The delivery costs will be charged to the customer.