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Terre De gymnaste was born thanks to the passion for gymnastics that has been with me since I was a child.

I'm Marjolaine, I created the brand in 2017 following many years of searching for the "perfect and unique leotard for my competitions" during my years of practice. This sport came into my life at the age of 7 and has never left me.

After 7 years working in an architect's office, it was essential to get back to basics. I became a qualified trainer, while at the same time designing my gymnasts' outfits. That's how the idea of creating personalised leotards for gymnasts came about!

Today I combine all these acquired skills with my passion to offer you unique leotard designs and collections. Quality and creativity are at the heart of my work. The leotards are imagined, designed in-house.

So I always try to offer you different designs, which are sometimes out of the ordinary.
The aim is to offer you designs that you really like, that are in tune with the times, and that can sometimes be avant-garde.

Dreaming of a unique leotard? Whether you're a club or a gymnast, it's now possible. I'll take you step by step through the process of creating your design.
The brand's aim is to promote the originality of leotards and to listen to its customers.

The collections are limited editions, to avoid finding the same model several times on the same competition stage. Website restock leotards are planned from time to time, but the brand's aim is to avoid over-stocking and fast-fashion.

The Triskell has no borders, and has already been worn by international gymnasts, so all it needs to do is travel!

If you live outside Europe, contact me here

See you soon for your next creation!

Founder of Terre De Gymnaste